Basics of New Testament Syntax, The

Daniel B. Wallace
The Basics of New Testament Syntax provides concise, up-to-date guidance for intermediate Greek students to do accurate exegesis of biblical texts. Abridged from Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament, the popular exegetical Greek grammar for studies in Greek by Daniel B. Wallace, The Basics of New Testament Syntax offers a practical grammar for second-year students. The strengths of this abridgment will become quickly apparent to the user: * It shows the relevance of syntax for exegesis and is thoroughly cross-referenced to Exegetical Syntax. * It includes an exceptional number of categories useful for intermediate Greek studies. * It is easy to use. Each semantic category is discussed, and a definition and key to identification are provided. * Scores of charts and tables are included to enable the intermediate student to grasp the material quickly.


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