Paddy Roe, Stephen Muecke (Editor)
A groundbreaking presentation, in a revised edition, of Indigenous Australian storytelling as it actually sounds; these stories provide a fascinating picture of the life of the people of the west Kimberley after colonisation. Paddy Roe was a legendary figure in the revival and maintenance of law and culture in the Broome area in the mid-twentieth century. In this book he continues and revitalises one of the great literary traditions of Australia. Stephen Muecke is a leading Australian academic whose work has encompassed a number of disciplines in the humanities. With Paddy Roe, Muecke is co-writer of the prize-winning Reading the Country. "A challenge, a short sample could give an adequate sense of the vivacious, artful naturalness of Paddy Roe's recitations...a deeply beguiling book" - Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Times Literary Supplement. "A remarkable book...a new tradition in Australian Literature has just been born" - Bob Hodge, Westerly. "Recommended to all who are interested in how Aboriginal identity came to be what it is, and as a sensitive evocation of Aboriginality as it was" - Annette Schmidt, Meanjin. "To read this book is to be always moving somewhere else, away from the confines of Western literature, of settlement, and of the edifice of colonial thought." - Stuart Cooke, The Conversation [Subject: Linguistics, Indigenous Storytelling]


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