7 Habits of Jesus: Faith Formation Handbook for Discipleship, The

Rev. Robert Schmalzle
Throughout the ages, Christians have participated in seven habits that were taught by Jesus, passed on to his own disciples, and given to us as a means to experience Christ's presence and power in our daily lives. The 7 Habits of Jesus provides comprehensive and practical ways for Christians to live as disciples of Christ in the world today. "The goal of the missional church is to make disciples not members. The book The 7 Habits of Jesus is an invaluable tool for congregations to teach what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus, by living out their baptism in daily life. I am pleased to recommend it to every pastor and lay leader who take discipleship seriously.” Rev. Dr. Rick Rouse Co-author, A Field Guide to the Missional Congregation Faculty, Lutheran Seminary Program of the Southwest “In a rapidly changing religious landscape, the church of the 21st century will need to function more like the church of the 1st century. Jesus sent the church with the mandate to make disciples by baptizing and teaching. I am thrilled to recommend The 7 Habits of Jesus to every community that is passionate about shaping disciples for daily ministry in a 21st century world. Here we have a useful roadmap to equip the saints to participate in God’s reconciling work in the world.” Rev. Robert G. Schaefer, Bishop Florida-Bahamas Synod, ELCA “Not only is The 7 Habits of Jesus a tremendous resource for today’s church, it also addresses the need in our culture to get back to the basic habits of following Jesus. The way we relate these 7 Habits to our everyday life is helpful for us as individuals, and will be helpful to a new generation of believers striving to mature in their faith. The content, practicality, and arrangement of the materials provides a great service, one that is needed in the church today. I look forward to seeing how The 7 Habits of Jesus becomes a transformational tool for Christ’s church.” Rev. Gregory S. Walton, President Florida-Georgia District, LCMS “Discipleship and faith formation is the means to grow people in the faith from infancy to maturity, from those who only receive to those who recognize they have received something so precious they are compelled to share it with others. Jesus used such a process to disciple His first followers. Without a similar commitment to invest ourselves in the lives of others the Church will only become weaker and less effective. The 7 Habits of Jesus provides a highly relational process that is focused on Christ, the Scripture and faithful Lutheran confessional theology. The insights it provides will bring transformation to individual lives and renewal for the congregation. It is an excellent first step in the pursuit of the Great Commission, making disciples, a resource that should be implemented by any Lutheran leader who takes seriously Jesus’ mission and command.” Rev. John F. Bradosky, Bishop North American Lutheran Church “The 7 Habits of Jesus provides a comprehensive and accessible way for churches to actually get (back) into the business of making disciples. A particular strength of The 7 Habits of Jesus is the method of combining the three dimensions of engagement: self-study, fellowship groups, and partnerships. If you want real and enduring change in your relationship with Jesus for the sake of God’s mission in the world, use the tool The 7 Habits of Jesus.” Rev. Dr. Johan Bergh Pastor, Coordinator for Coaching, ELCA “The 7 Habits of Jesus is a triumph in Lutheran faith formation and praxis. Birthed from over 20 years of mission experience in Kenya, Pastor Schmalzle successfully presents a user friendly model of discipleship which guides us into the realm of personal and communal transformation. It's simply accessible and incredible!” Rev. Dr. Nathan Swenson-Reinhold Lead Pastor, St. Stephen- Longwood, FL WWW.7HABITSOFJESUS.COM


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