Quest for Truth, The

Shannon Hurley
The Quest for Truth by Shannon Hurley helps lay a much-needed foundation for those who seek to find the essentials of what it truly means to be a Christian. Through a systematic presentation of the Christian faith, Shannon asks questions that include: "What is religion?" "Is belief in God logical?" He then leads his reader on a soul-searching journey through the heart and soul of Christianity. This book is written with clarity, simplicity, and depth as it seeks to answer necessary questions in a thought-provoking way. Shannon Hurley writes in a unique style, allowing the reader to discover the Truth for himself in a question and answer format. This is an effective tool for evangelism, for discipleship, and for the solidification of the beliefs of every believer. This valuable road map is penned with passion, concern, and thoughtful consideration for anyone daring to take this journey to find the Truth.


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