Against Calvinism

Jeff Peterson, Eddie Eddings (Cover Design by), Jon J. Cardwell
DISCLAIMER/CAVEAT EMPTOR: As the people of God, we are to be seekers of the truth, students of the truth and proclaimers of the truth. In the interest of full disclosure, we do need to inform and remind you this book is filed in both the "Humor" and "Religion" categories of CreateSpace. There is good reason for this. Humor includes elements such as satire and irony and this book contains these from cover to cover. Therefore, please do not be disappointed when you find the book indeed contains these in its entirety. If making a purchase, please keep this in mind.See what people are saying about AGAINST CALVINISM at Yes... this is ironic and satirical. Peterson, Eddings, and Cardwell fully embrace the Doctrines of Grace. In other words, all three are Calvinists.AGAINST CALVINISM was birthed from compiling, first, "The Definitive Scripture List Refuting Calvinism." Having every scripture for refuting Calvinism front and center, the time was ripe to build every premise from the scripture proofs for clear, logical arguments against Calvinistic Theology in order to disprove the teachings that are also referred to as the "doctrines of grace." After years of painstaking research, this endeavor is complete. This epic work will not only take you where you never thought you'd go Biblically, but it also gives you straight insights into clear Arminian thinking and logical deduction. Every pastor, teacher, Bible scholar, and seminary professor will certainly choose to place AGAINST CALVINISM next to every ready, reachable reference work in his study.You may enjoy AGAINST CALVINISM so much that you'll want to purchase several copies for your next Sunday school series. Decide now! The choice is, after all, based on your own free will.


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