Her Night with the Duke

Diana Quincy


Reviewed: 2020-10-31

To say I was excited when I got approved for this book on Netgalley is an understatement. I've been excited to read Her Night With the Duke since I first saw the book. The idea of a book where the two characters have an immediate connection only to have something really big come between them, while still wanting each other, was appealing. And I have to say, that immediate connection was scorching hot! If you are looking for a historical romance with hot sexy times, look no further.

Especially exciting was the books heroine Leelah. Historical romance is (generally) very white. Meanwhile Leelah is of mixed Arab and English heritage, with her mother from an immigrant merchant family and her father an English noble. I loved how part of the book was the reader learning how Leelah had reconnected with her heritage and family. I also really liked the scenes when we get to see how important that extended family is.

While I loved Leelah every moment, I had to look at Hunt sideways from time to time. While both characters seem committed to keeping apart once they learn he is courting her stepdaughter, Hunt is, shall we say, a little less so. He's pretty quickly trying to think of a way out of his commitment. As a romantic, I want Hunt to break things off and get together with Leelah, but as a realist, it has to be acknowledged how bad that would be for Leelah's stepdaughter. Luckily, with some romance novel magic, our heroes manage to make their way together.

I really loved this book and these characters, and hope to see more of them in later books!

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