Biblical Counseling Guide for Women, The

John D. Street, Janie Street, Steve Miller (Editor)
Counsel Women with God's Grace and Wisdom The guidance every woman needs for any difficulty can be found in the pages of Scripture. Join counseling professor John D. Street and his wife, Janie, as they delve into some of the most common physical, mental, and emotional struggles faced by women today, including... anxiety chemical abuse depression eating disorders marital unfaithfulness The Streets offer clear descriptions and careful direction for 17 common issues, utilizing fictitious anecdotes based on composites of real-life case studies. Through each story, you'll discover biblical truths that provide immediate help and lifelong growth. Equally valuable for both the individual woman searching for solutions and those who help hurting women--including counselors, pastors, and teachers--this accessible resource offers genuine hope based on the everlasting truth of God's Word. Includes discussion questions for classes and women's Bible study groups.


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