Anonymity Jones

James Roy
A humorous and clever look at the day-to-day travails of being a teenage girl Anonymity is just a regular girl, but her life is falling apart. Her father has left to have another mid-life crisis, her mother's new boyfriend is a sleazebag, and her Europe-bound sister has adopted the name of a carrion-eating bird just to make a point! Worst of all, her best girl friends all now have boyfriends, but Anonymity is still single. What’s a normal girl to do?


Reviewed: 2016-05-31
Whilst I didn't always like Anonymity Jones, the character, I did enjoy the book. Anonymity is a strong female character with a mostly realistic voice who will appeal to teenage girls, despite the fact that I found her irritating it times. Dealing with some confronting themes, this book is written with a nice blend of humour and honesty, although none of the adults are portrayed in a good way. The story deals with friendship, trust, relationships and family, however, I would only recommend it for older students.
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