Night Shine

Tessa Gratton
An orphan girl must face untold danger and an ancient evil to save her kingdom's prince in this lush, romantic fantasy perfect for fans of Girls of Paper and Fire and Tess of the Road. How can you live without your heart? In the vast palace of the empress lives an orphan girl called Nothing. She slips within the shadows of the Court, unseen except by the Great Demon of the palace and her true friend, Prince Kirin, heir to the throne. When Kirin is kidnapped, only Nothing and the prince's bodyguard suspect that Kirin may have been taken by the Sorceress Who Eats Girls, a powerful woman who has plagued the land for decades. The sorceress has never bothered with boys before, but Nothing has uncovered many secrets in her sixteen years in the palace, including a few about the prince. As the empress's army searches fruitlessly, Nothing and the bodyguard set out on a rescue mission, through demon-filled rain forests and past crossroads guarded by spirits. Their journey takes them to the gates of the Fifth Mountain, where the sorceress wields her power. There, Nothing will discover that all magic is a bargain, and she may be more powerful than she ever imagined. But the price the Sorceress demands for Kirin may very well cost Nothing her heart.


Reviewed: 2020-09-15

Night Shine was fantastic! Nothing is an absolutely fascinating main character. I loved watching her grow into herself. The book has a great queer cast, and I especially enjoyed Sky's character. There were twists in this book that totally caught me by surprise, which is always fun. The writing is different from many other books out there, and felt almost poetic in nature. The poetry is also extended to character names. Names are of great importance in this world, especially for the more magical people in it. I love Nothing. I love the Sorceress That Eats Girls. I love the writing. The book is dark at times, but it also felt like it was giving me a hug, wrapping me in beautiful words.

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