Art of Saving the World, The

Corinne Duyvis
One girl and her doppelgangers try to stop the end of the world in this YA sci-fi adventure When Hazel Stanczak was born, an interdimensional rift tore open near her family's home, which prompted immediate government attention. They soon learned that if Hazel strayed too far, the rift would become volatile and fling things from other dimensions onto their front lawn--or it could swallow up their whole town. As a result, Hazel has never left her small Pennsylvania town, and the government agents garrisoned on her lawn make sure it stays that way. On her sixteenth birthday, though, the rift spins completely out of control. Hazel comes face-to-face with a surprise: a second Hazel. Then another. And another. Three other Hazels from three different dimensions! Now, for the first time, Hazel has to step into the world to learn about her connection to the rift--and how to close it. But is Hazel--even more than one of her--really capable of saving the world?  


Reviewed: 2020-09-15

I've been looking forward to this book for a while, ever since learning that the main character is, as the author described, an 'anxious ace sapphic' which is basically my identity. It got the chance to read an eARC early, which was super exciting!

The Art of Saving the World plays with genre and YA conventions in the best possible way. Hazel finds out she's the 'Chosen One' from her dragon mentor, who works for the Powers That Be. If that's not enough, the book includes multiple versions of Hazel from slightly different universes. Each Hazel has her own unique quirks, but it's fun to see 'our' Hazel discover herself by meeting her alternate selves.

This book is something special to me, as it's one of the first books that I've felt seen in. There are hard emotions sometimes, but it was nice to watch Hazel struggle with some of the same issues I've dealt with, especially in regards to asexuality.

While the ending of the book is satisfying, I would be down is Coyinne Duyvis wrote a sequel! I feel like the characters and the world hold potential for more stories, and I for one am happy to read them.

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