Dark Web: A Short Horror Story

Kelvin Teo
A student accidentally stumbles upon a weird news site on the dark web and discovers that it is far more insidious than it seems...


Reviewed: 2020-10-17

I repeat, THIS IS NOT A COMPLETED STORY! Very frustrating. It was more along the lines of a teaser trailer. It was a sample, if you will. This book is a set up and gives you a taste of what to expect and then if you like it you can pick up the next installment of the book. How convenient for the author to do this to the reader. Other than the four grammatical errors/typos that I found while reading, I was enjoying the story. I didn't find it scary or terrifying in any way. I thought that the story telling was good and even though there wasn't much provided regarding the background of the characters, that didn't stop me from getting pulled into the plot. It was being told from one perspective of a teenager during the school months and his stumble upon a news story site on the dark web. Because it was not a completed story and just LEFT OFF, along with the grammatical errors I cannot rate this any higher than a one star. Now if there would have been a conclusion and provided some horror aspect to the story then I could have seen this being a three star.

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