Argonauts, The

Maggie Nelson


Reviewed: 2020-05-21
an incredibly stylishly written journey to determine whether folding into dominant cultural formations is the intrinsic modality of affluent white queer womanhood. this swan song for center is both depicted narratively and enacted socially, blurbs is receipts. i talked shit about this before reading it and totally knew what i was in for; a friend of mine choose the audiobook during a long car trip, but i wanted to really dig into the mess as existential fracas ensues or threatens to ensue. your mileage may vary according to how much your soul can keep up housekeeping enough to make a home for the well-read allyship of sort-of antinormative virigina woolf. the polite here is super thick. the most notable aspirations for conformity are my own in even reading this probably. maybe the kind of normy white queer narcissism queer nihilists narcisstically can't ever see outside of, a feedback loop of autoerotic power autoeroticizing itself: racists vs anti-racists in berkeley: no god, dead space: blahtopia. the pregnant philosopher gimmick after initial confusion gets so unrelentingly basic as to become avant garde, mixing it up at a predictable rhythm by milking semi-fringe-ish (i mean in the context of gamergate and caitlin jenner and *when we rise* and trevor noah) details like being in sedgwick's classroom at which point i wonder whether gary fisher was in the same classroom? a wonder that distills a dialectic describing competing queer life/death-worlds. even with the odd veer into *doomsday preppers*, are her other books more pulpy and sensational (a different breed of flatline)? i'm embarrassed with not knowing what to do when a wolf cries wolf: do you really care about violence against targeted populations? how do certain life choices bolster that violence? is this really about laverne cox on the cover of *time*? i need hard drugs.
Reviewed: 2019-01-14
fluctuated between really nice prose and (at times really dense) academia. I really enjoyed this, though. There's a lot to unpack.
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