Princess Who Became A Pirate, The

Anicca Sommer, Mayer Anastasia Victoronva (Illustrator)
Based off an old Norse legend, the story of The Princess Who Became a Pirate follows the beautiful Princess Alfie as she leaves her life as a princess and becomes a fierce and respected pirate captain leading a crew of swashbuckling girl pirates in adventures on the high seas. Join in on the adventure of this princess who is dedicated to live her own life in her own way as she leaves home to follow her dream to be a pirate. This is a great read aloud, bedtime or any time story for your little one. Recommended for ages 3 – 8.


Reviewed: 2020-11-21

Be what you want to be and don't let anyone else tell you differently. Follow your heart and with hard-work you can succeed. This was a nice story for children and it had some good illustrations. The message is one that all children should be taught. Whether you are a boy or girl, it doesn't matter. You can make your dreams come true with hard-work and determination. Don't let anyone stand in your way. I wasn't a huge fan of the story telling itself and I did locate two grammatical errors/typos while reading this book. Other than that, it was a nice story. I would recommend it for kids.

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