After Language / Letters to Jack Spicer

Stephen Vincent
Poetry. "Stephen Vincent's engagement with Jack Spicer's poetry goes arguably farther back than anyone who wasn't a friend or acquaintance. What is not arguable is the generative richness of that engagement. Having been sent Spicer's Language by a friend while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in a Nigeria poised on the brink of civil war, he finds in its 'uncomfortable music' a poetry uncannily expanding the borders of meaning. Cast in the creative-epistolary form of Spicer's own After Lorca, this book is a tactful searching: it respects the intransigence of the poems, and tries, in the gentlest of ways, to understand the man who wrote them. AFTER LANGUAGE is a meditation on interpretive migration, on the troubled paths of poetic inheritance, and on the tangled, fraught (and yes, magical) ways that poetry survives it makers."—George Albon


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