Always Dad: Being a Great Father During & After Divorce

Paul Mandelstein
Remain an integral part of your kids' lives during and after divorce. Finalist for The Publishers Marketing Association's Benjamin Franklin Award. More and more, divorced fathers are finding out that rather than being one half of a "broken" home, they can continue to play a crucial role in their children's lives. You can, too. Turn to Always Dad and discover how to work with your ex to create a fulfilling extended family, one that can help ensure that your kids grow up in an enriching, loving environment. Whether you're in the initial stages of divorce, dealing with the immediate aftermath or well past one, this book will provide down-to-earth ideas and strategies you can use right now. Paul Mandelstein understands what you're experiencing. As a divorced father of three, he founded the Father Resource Network to help dads remain involved in their children's lives. With Always Dad, he distills his many years of working with divorced fathers into one powerful volume. Get back on track, develop fulfilling relationships, experience personal growth and -- most importantly -- be the father that your kid needs. Always Dad will help you at every step.


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