Atlas of Oregon Wildlife: Distribution, Habitat, and Natural History

Blair Csuti, Thomas A. O'Neil, Margaret M. Shaughnessy, Eleanor P. Gaines, John C. Hak
From the common deer mouse and the elusive Spotted Owl to the tailed frog and the painted turtle, the comprehensive "Atlas of Oregon Wildlife" has become the standard reference for all who study or have an interest in the state's wildlife. It combines current knowledge on the habitats and life histories of Oregon's wildlife species with a new generation of computer-generated species distribution maps. The Atlas devotes a full page to each amphibian, reptile, breeding bird, and mammal found in Oregon. Each species account features: -a drawing of and measurements for the species; -a map linked to a high-resolution land-cover map that shows where each species is likely to be found within Oregon; -the taxonomy, habitat, reproduction, food habits, and ecology of each species, as well as its global range and status; -selected references for additional information. For this second edition, new and improved distribution maps have been added for all 474 species. The coverage has been expanded to include all introduced vertebrates recognized as established in the state, all species of seals and sea lions found along its coast, and six extirpated species, including the California Condor, the grizzly bear, and the gray wolf, which may someday return to Oregon. This new edition of the Atlas will provide interested citizens with a basic understanding of Oregon's remarkable wildlife and serve as an invaluable reference for serious naturalists and wildlife professionals.


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