After the Last Dog Died : The True-Life, Hair-Raising Adventure of Douglas Mawson's 1912 Antarctic Expedition

Carmen Bredeson
Survival against the odds, a clipper ship, Ernest Shackleton, the south magnetic pole, Antarctic science, a puppy named Blizzard, and a young woman named Paquita all play roles in this compelling profile of Australia’s most famous Antarctic explorer. Carmen Bredeson presents the life of Sir Douglas Mawson from his early fascination with geology to his adventures in Antarctica with Shackleton—leading up to a gripping account of his own scientific expedition to study uncharted parts of the continent. Tension mounts as Mawson sets out from base camp with a small team . . . suffers the loss of his men, dogs, and supplies . . . battles torturous cold with makeshift shelter, little food, and failing body . . . and ultimately—but just barely—makes it back to camp alive. This spellbinding adventure will keep kids turning pages!


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