Eerie Queerie! Vol. 1

Shuri Shiozu
Mitsuo Shiozu is put in an awkward position when his mind and body are taken over by the two young women, in that he's a young man, who winds up acting like the women. Hasunuma and Ichi, two of his fellow male high school students, find themselves attracted to Mitsuo, which places him in an even stranger position.


Reviewed: 2016-07-22

I've read all four volumes to this series. This was actually the first Boys Love manga that I had ever read and I absolutely lovedĀ it! There were so many moments that made me weak at the knees. Like the way Mitsuo is so unaware of Hasunuma's intentions despite the way Hasunuma hovers about him. And the much touching. I just like loved it. But even so, it wasn't like there were a lot of steamy scenes. I think I would of loved to seen more of those. For me, this was a great series.

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