Authentic Manhood: Winning at Work & Home, Dvd Leader Kit (Men's Fraternity)

Robert M. Lewis
Challenging men to step forward, meet their responsibilities, and establish their manhood, Authentic Manhood, Winning at Work and Home focuses on the chief responsibilities men have as husbands, fathers, and breadwinners. The study presents 2 mirrors to help men evaluate how they are doing in life: the mirror of work and career, and the mirror of home and family. Participants will evaluate chief responsibilities of how a man successfully relates to a woman and how a man rightly engages in his work. Here is a plan for leading men in your church and community to win in life by helping them understand and undertake the challenges of both career and family. (Session 5 includes a frank discussion for men of sexual issues in a marriage. Leader should preview this session before showing.) 16 sessions The 16-DVD set includes all presentations, each with approximately 45 minutes of content. Use to create your own presentation or use as is.


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