First Lord's Fury (Codex Alera, #6)

Jim Butcher
For Gaius Octavian, life has been one long battle. Now, the end of all he fought for is close at hand. The brutal, dreaded Vord are on the march against Alera. And perhaps for the final time, Gaius Octavian and his legions must stand against the enemies of his people. And it will take all his intelligence, ingenuity, and furycraft to save their world from eternal darkness.


Reviewed: 2021-05-30
Truly one of my all time fantasy series.. This last installment wraps it up all so nicely, and leaves open the possibility of more. I usually find endings to long series the least likeable books, but this I enjoyed immensely. Butcher did well, very well indeed!

NB. It seems if Kate Reading agrees to narrate it, it's probably going to be spectacular.
Reviewed: 2021-02-05
A very epic ending to the series. I enjoyed how even when faced with an almost impossible to defeat foe like the Vord queen, there is no deus ex machina to resolve anything. Everything was setup throughout the series instead of all being slapped together just in the final book. And while it ended on a happy note, it was interesting to me to know that not everything was resolved, like the situation between Tavi and Crassus, the Vord still in Canea, and Senator Valerius still causing problems.
Reviewed: 2018-01-25
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