Act Like Jesus Study Guide: How Can I Put My Faith into Action?

Randy Frazee
How to Get Beyond Your New Year's Resolution  Remember your last New Year's resolution? The last time you decided, "That's it, I'm going to change something"? And then you didn't? You wanted to see a change happen, you knew what you needed to do, but you couldn't make it stick.  We do the same thing with our faith. We want to live more like Jesus lived, but just wanting to and trying harder never seems to work.  So how do you transport your beliefs as a Christ-follower twelve inches from your head to your heart?   You practice. You do. You act.   In Act Like Jesus, Randy Frazee walks us through the spiritual workouts we need every day to develop a lifestyle of loving God and loving others, and learning to act like Jesus.  To drive beliefs from our head to our heart, the first four practices help us reach up to God:  We cement our confidence in God by worshiping him  We have a conversation with God by praying  We find God's guidance in the Bible  We dedicate our whole lives to God's purpose  The last four practices give us ways to reach out to others:   We devote ourselves to Biblical community  We exercise our spiritual gifts  We give away our resources   We share our faith out of love for others  To become like Jesus, our beliefs need to not only inform us but also transform us. It is the practice of reaching up to God and out to others that will drive beliefs from our head to our heart. Act Like Jesus teaches the life-giving spiritual disciplines that will lead us in fulfilling our mission to love God and love our neighbor.  Sessions include:  How Do I Worship God?   Why Do I Need to Pray?  How Do I Study the Bible?  How Much of My Life Does God Want?  How Do I Develop Healthy Relationships?  What Spiritual Gifts Has God Given to Me?  How Do I Use My Money to Serve God?  How Do I Communicate My Faith?  This study is adapted from the Act portions of the Believe Study Guide and Think, Act, Be Like Jesus by Randy Frazee (2015).  Designed for use with Act Like Jesus Video Study (9780310119050), sold separately. Streaming video access included.  


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