Inner Light

Linda Linda Butler
Photography. Fifty-eight photographs by Linda Butler and a superb text by June Sprigg, author of By Shaker Hands, reveal and pay tribute to the elegance of line, the magnificent craftsmanship, the realms of stillness and light, the vision and spiritual serenity that are the Shaker legacy. The photographs range in subject from a bonnet in an oval box to a spiral staircase, a laundry room, a songbook, a cupboard, a washstand, and a cupola. In them, the quality and play of light--light endlessly altering the look of places and things--expresses the sustaining harmony and grace of the Shaker way of being. "(Butler's) exquisitely composed studies of stairways, windows, furniture, houses and field convey with loving regard and exactitude their subjects' `inner light'"--Publishers Weekly. 1 copy


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