A, A¹ (A, A Prime)

Moto Hagio
SCIENCE FICTION WITH A ROMANTIC TWIST This science fiction trilogy is a "prime" example of shojo manga, a unique literary genre of Japanese comics in which the relationships between the characters are as meticulously crafted as the story's action. The Stories of A, A' revolve around the relationships between humans and a genetically engineered race of people called "Unicorns", whose personal struggles become a moving metaphor for humanity's alienation in the modern age. Born in 1949, Moto Hari began her manga career in 1969 and has created numerous masterpieces, including "Poe's Clan", "The Heart of Toma" and her science fiction mini-series "They Were Eleven" which was also published by Viz Comics.


Reviewed: 2019-08-06

I really liked the Unicorns, Addy and Tacto. This was an interesting exploration of gender, sexuality, and powers beyond your control.

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