159. The savvy freak’s Guide to lube

Echo Moon
Zine Resource for everyone about lube! Ranging from how to choose one that works for you, nerdy lube safety science and answers to that age old question; how do I get lube off my floor? "This pamphlet is meant to be a queer-as-hell resource, resistance to sexual suppression and heteronormativity and a celebration of all forms of queer sexuality. This is the stuff they never told us in health class. This is the stuff we were never given the opportunity to learn in school, too afraid to ask the guy at the sex shop counter, ‘cause he was a creep. This is the stuff we may have asked the internet and gotten such a confusing, contradictory explanation we had no idea where to start. I don’t claim to be any definitive authority, but I hope that my years of experience selling and using sex toys recreationally and professionally can be of use, and that whatever your questions are, this guide can serve as a starting point! So, here we go...!


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