Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (Acorna #1)

Anne McCaffrey
Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball, two great names in the genre, join forces to create the first in a stunning and magical series about Acorna, The Unicorn Princess.Science fiction and fantasy's most beloved female author turns her unparalleled talents to a brilliant new series written in collaboration with rising star Margaret Ball. The future of an entire species rests on the delicate shoulders of a tiny baby who was set adrift in a lifepod to save her from the vicious hands of Khlevii warriors. Her rescuers, three bachelor asteroid miners, marvel at the unusual child's astonishing growth rate and superior intelligence, naming her Acorna for her other-worldly silvery mane of hair and horn-like bump in the middle of her forehead.Enchanting though she is, young Acorna's unusual talents capture the attention of some unsavory intergalactic inhabitants who are determined to twist her powers for their own gain. But as Acorna gains control over her powers she matures into a worthy contender in the interspatial adventures that pursue her in her desperate search for her "People" and their world.


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