Dance of the Broken Heart: A Family Love Story

John Thompson, Patti Thompson
She, the former Patti Roberts, author of the bestseller ASHES TO GOLD. He, the composer of Amy Grant's "EL SHADDAI" and other songs. Together, they were to make a love, a marriage, and a family that you will remember long after you have turned the final pages of this remarkable book. Certainly, this is not the story of a perfect marriage or a perfect family. Instead, DANCE OF THE BROKEN HEART is the amazingly poignant and candid story of how one couple's tragically broken marriage was healed through a new covenant with God. It's an authentic story. Timeless. As genuine and honest as your own tears, your own dreams. It began on a festive night in Nashville in 1983, as the divorced Patti Roberts watched a relative stranger, John Thompson, walk through a crowded room to a podium and receive the "Best Song of the Year" Dove Award for "EL SHADDAI" And it continued- through a whirlwind courtship and a breathless and joyous love affair, consuming two people who had feared they might never know love again. Yet in less than three months it came crashing down upon them, turning love into blinding rage, opening wounds so deep only God and his Word could possibly heal them. In DANCE OF THE BROKEN HEART, you will discover how the Thompsons opened themselves to God's healing love. You will see their struggles and hear their voices as they grapple with some of the most compelling issues of our time: the meaning and future of marriage; the sanctity of the family; and the potential for healing through a loving, blended family. Through this remarkable story told so honestly, with such humor and heartache by two deeply talented and sensitive people you will discover a unique message of hope, a heartfelt prayer for all families, everywhere.


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