50 Strategies for Active Teaching: Engaging K-12 Learners in the Classroom

Andrea M. Guillaume, Ruth Helen Yopp, Hallie Kay Yopp
From three experts in teaching comes a 50 strategies book that is useful for preservice and inservice teachers up and down the grade levels and across the curriculum.  The book embeds strategies within a theoretical framework of active learning.  The step-by-step format helps teachers prepare easily and troubleshoot to maximize success.  Strategies are referenced by their usefulness for English learners and readers at different stages of development.  The book includes examples from many subject areas and grade levels.  The accompanying CD contains templates to assist teachers in using the strategies.   FEATURES: This practical book gives 50 strategies designed to help the classroom teacher engage K-12 students in their own learning. 50 strategies are embedded into a conceptual framework for active teaching and learning. Provides clear, step-by-step instructions and examples for employing the strategies. Troubleshooting feature presents tips to avoid pitfalls and build success as teachers prepare to use the strategy. Correlation matrix on the front and back cover.


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