Making Shaker Woodenware

Kerry Pierce
Simplicity. Harmony. Beauty. The very term "Shaker Furniture" inspires all these images at once. Recapture the look and feel of this most popular of All-American contributions to craftsmanship with your pick from 20 projects based on Shaker originals. Kitchen projects include a Spatula, Walnut Scoop, Curly Maple Serving Tray, and two more. Sewing room specialties include Sewing Steps, a Sewing Caddy, and three styles of Hangers, For the workroom you'll find a Figured Oak Candle Box, Large Mallet, Cherry Ash Carrier, and three more Four Shaker Oval Boxes make beautiful places to store and display a variety of small objects. Each project takes only a couple of weekends, and you use ordinary woodworking tools and techniques. Full-color photos of finished projects accompany the measured drawings, materials lists, tips on construction, and captioned photos of the trickier procedures. A special section explores how the Shaker approach to woodworking expressed their philosophy of the beauty of the practical. 1 copy


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