Between Friends

Keith O'Brien
What happens when four long-time friends venture off to college and come into contact with an off-the-wall professor and his hard-hitting realities about life? In Keith O'Briens riveting new book Between Friends, you'll be drawn into the lives of 19-year-old Cole Anderson, his girlfriend Hope, and his best buddies, Jake and Pete. You'll follow them as they struggle to find their places in society and bring meaning into their lives. Set in southern California, the story begins with the four adjusting to campus life and filling their days with superficial coed past-times: drinking, sports and sex. However, they soon realize those feel-good solutions are not enough. When a night of star gazing in Cabo San Lucas and an isightful calss with an eccentric professor change their perception of life and each other, the friends begin to make inroads toward maturity. This novel will: * Move you with its strong characterization of young people at the threshold of adulthood. * Entertain you with circumstances and events unique to the college scene. * Offer insights to the purpose and scope of an individual's existence.


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