Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies

Amy Sloan
With so many texts available for legal research courses, how does Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies maintain its best-selling status? By concentrating on fundamental skills and offering premium teaching support for professors and students. Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, leads the field with:accessible, clear, step-by-step instruction on the basics of legal researcha building-block approach that breaks the material into discrete, easily digested partsself-contained chapters on research sources that can easily adapt to a variety of teaching objectives organization within each chapter that allows professors to choose how much emphasis to place on print and electronic research helpful end-of-chapter checklists, clear examples, and summary charts that support comprehension and memory sample pages and examples of research sources throughouta preview of what students will encounter in practice Updated and revised, the Fourth Edition offersupdated research materials and instruction increased focus on electronic research to maintain the right balance of print and electronic coveragenew print sample pages and electronic screen shots Comprehensive coverage, a proven methodology for learning, and generous teaching support that's what makes Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies a leading text in its field.


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