#1 30 Pieces of Silver

Carolyn McCray
WARNING: Please be advised that this is a controversial work of revisionist historical fiction, and could offend some readers. The Eiffel Tower is attacked…by a Christian suicide bomber. Within the twisted wreckage a cache of bones that are inscribed with ancient Greek are found, inscriptions that identify the remains as those of John the Baptist—and a promise to guide the seeker to the tomb of the Savior himself. Tasked with untangling this millennia-old mystery, archeologist Dr. Rebecca Monroe and Special Forces Sergeant Vincent Brandt travel across three continents to piece together the bones’ clues. But their quest will not be an easy one. Born at the foot of the Cross, a secret society known only as the Knot has guarded the Savior’s bones, and they will do anything—even commit genocide—to protect the dark and scandalous truth of Christ’s final days. Buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime with this controversial blockbuster from bestselling techno-thriller author, Carolyn McCray.


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