Collected Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom Vol.9. Numbers. 2,3,5,6,7,8 &13. 1970-73, The

George W Van Tassel
This book is an authentic reproduction of the original printed text in shades of gray and may contain minor errors. Despite the fact that we have attempted to accurately maintain the integrity of the original work, the present reproduction may have minor errors beyond our control like: missing and blurred pages, poor pictures and markings. Because this book is culturally important, we have made available as part of our commitment to protect, preserve and promote knowledge in the world. Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom was the official publication of the College of Universal Wisdom, the educational branch of the ministry of Universal Wisdom, founded by George W. Van Tassell (1910-1978). Van Tassell was the author of I Rode in a Flying Saucer (1952) and other books and the organizer of Giant Rock Space Convention, held annually at Giant Rock Airport, near Yucca Valley, California. The ministry was founded to perpetuate the teaching received from UFO visitors. The messages from outer space were published in the Proceedings. Toward the end of Van Tassel's life the Proceeding became irregular and then ceased to exist altogether.___Copy and paste the link for our books: https: // ..__ CONTENT: Volume 9 January-February - March 1970 Number 2CONTENTS: THE INTEGRATRONCELL COMMUN ICATIONBOOK ELECTRO-MAGNETIC THERAPYPUBLICITY, PROPAGANDA AND PARASITESARTICLE Volume 9 July - August - September 1970 Number 3CONTENTSMESSAGE HELP GOD MAKE YOU WELL SPACE CONVENTION HERE AND IN RUSSIA NEWS CLIPSTHE "INTEGRATRON" "PROCEEDINGS"RECIPROCATION OF FIVE, TWENTY YEARTHAT INFINITE MEDIUM ELECTRIC HEAT DISSIPATION Volume 9 January - February - March 1971 Number 5CONTENTSNOW AND THEN PARADOX PERILOUSEARTHQUAKETHE "INTEGRATRON"EARTHQUAKE WARNINGNEW BOOK- NEW DIRECTORS"ON THE NAIL AGAIN"PICTURE Volume 9 April - May - June 1971 Number 6CONTENTSSAUCERS, CIRCLES, AND CYCLESTHE BRIGHT SIDE, THE DARK SIDEMAKE IT YOURSELFA HIGH POWER MULTI WAVE OSCILLATORTHE "INTEGRA TRON"THE ALCHEMY OF LIFEVolume 9 July - August - Se, ptember 1971 Number 7CONTENTSCOINCIDENCE, OR COSMIC 'MULTIPLE WAVE OSCILLATOR PRICES, PRODUCERS AND PLUTOCRATSLECTURE TOURSPACE CONVENTION-WHAT' S GOING ONMAP Volume 9 October - November - December 1971 Numbe 8THE WISDOM OF TIME"PROCEEDINGS" THE II INTEGRATRON"ANOTHER 'YEARLECTURE TOURSURVIVALGIF"'' EXCHANGETHE SECOND COMING OF CHRISTWHATS GOING ON PICTUREVolume 9 April - May - June - 1973 Number 13WHAT'S GOING ON P ERl N ENT RECOGNITIONDEAD MEN ARISING AGAIN THE BIEFIELD-BROWN EFFECT MORE PYRA MID DATA "INTEGRATRON"THE UNIVERSAL ORDER OF LIFE


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