Bellweather Rhapsody

Kate Racculia
Winner of a 2015 Alex Award "Delightfully odd...A fine cast of misfits and dreamers and foes. A." —Entertainment Weekly   “A deliciously dark confection of a novel, and one of the most thoroughly enjoyable books I’ve read in years.” —Celeste Ng, author of Everything I Never Told You   “Warm, entertaining and thoughtful, and a glorious celebration of music.” — Minneapolis Star Tribune   Fifteen years ago, a murder-suicide in room 712 rocked the grand old Bellweather Hotel and the young bridesmaid who witnessed it, Minnie Graves. Now hundreds of high school musicians have gathered at the Bellweather for the annual Statewide festival; Minnie has returned to face her demons; and a blizzard is threatening to trap them all inside. When a young prodigy disappears from infamous room 712, the search for her entwines an eccentric cast of conductors and caretakers, teenagers on the verge and adults haunted by memories. A genre-bending page-turner, full of playful nods to pop-culture classics from The Shining to Agatha Christie to Glee, Bellweather Rhapsody is a winning new novel from a writer to watch.   “Funny and exuberant, twisty and captivating . . . For its darkness and its glee, I loved this novel.” — Robin Sloan, author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore   “A rollicking story . . . Racculia’s exuberant voice inspires laugh-out-loud moments while also bringing to life broken people who find solace in each other’s heartaches.” — Wisconsin State Journal


Reviewed: 2018-04-27

I read this for bookclub, and it was pretty good. I loved the first half and getting to know the characters, but I wasn't all that invested in the last 50 pages or so. I would reccomend it to a friend though.

Reviewed: 2016-09-16

A murder mystery, a haunted hotel, a music festival, and just a taste of romance; its hard to place The Bellweather Rhapsody in a single genre.  This Young Adult novel is full of the joy and angst of so many high school students suffer--the ambition, the uncertainty, and the fears, real and imagined--that accompany the cusp of adulthood.  Alice and Rabbit Hatmaker, the talented twin protagonist, navigate a maze of bizarre events along with a host of emotional issues, in this charming and beautifully written novel.


The Bellweather Rhapsody is full of beautiful language, perfect similes, and subtle humor.  It would be an excellent pick for readers in the late secondary grades.  There are a plethora of passages that could be used to explore literary techniques and/or structure with middle or high school aged students.  

There is some mention of sex, a short scene involving drugs, and a fair amount of drinking, so if you are sensitive to such issues, please take note.  It also addresses LGBT issues, making it a great discussion piece for classes exploring sexuality and social issues.

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