Marissa Meyer
Long before she was the terror of Wonderland - the infamous Queen of Hearts - she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love. Catherine may be one of the most desired girls in Wonderland, and a favorite of the yet-unmarried King of Hearts, but her interests lie elsewhere. A talented baker, all she wants is to open a shop with her best friend and supply the Kingdom of Hearts with delectable pastries and confections. But according to her mother, such a goal is unthinkable for the young woman who could be the next Queen . At a royal ball where Cath is expected to receive the king's marriage proposal, she meets Jest, the handsome and mysterious court joker. For the first time, she feels the pull of true attraction. At the risk of offending the King and infuriating her parents, she and Jest enter into an intense, secret courtship. Cath is determined to defineher own destiny and fall in love on her terms. But in a land thriving with magic, madness, and monsters, fate has other plans.


Reviewed: 2020-06-07

The best description for this book/series in 10 words or less:

"Origin story telling of tragic love in a popular antagonist."


Heartless is the prequel of Alice in Wonderland, and it shows how and why the Queen of Hearts becomes the Queen of Hearts, or the Red Queen. I think the view of Wonderland is so different to a native than it is to Alice who is a foreigner, but it was a little hard to get into the book at first since it was a little slow. The concept of Wonderland being a chessboard with a White Queen who is a threat to the Kingdom of Hearts. I wish that there was more the world of Wonderland shown. In the hardcover version of the book, the cover of the book is a checkerboard if you take off the paper cover, which was really cool once you find out. The book has a lot of other nursery rhymes sprinkled throughout, such as Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. 

I really liked the Jabberwock twist in the book. It made the book made sense since it was the missing piece of the puzzle for the story, which made the ending really interesting. I felt that this book could have been better if the book was written in 1st person rather than 3rd.

I really liked the main character, Catherine Pinkerton. She is strong and has a dream to become a baker even though she is a noble's daughter. This book becomes a fight for her independence in choosing both who can she love and what she does for a living. It basically becomes the decision for duty to self or to family. Jester's character is very lovable and it makes the reader feel bad since he/she knows that he will get the shaft in the end. There's a forbidden love story with the Jester. Who doesn't love a story about forbidden love? I wish there was more character development with the King of Hearts. The ending is not exactly what I expecting, which is nice since it wasn't completely predictable.



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Reviewed: 2018-05-18
This was an amazing, intoxicating and addictive read. Meyer really managed to make quite an impression on me. I loved every aspect of this book and it’s going to take me a long time to even think about forgetting it.
Reviewed: 2018-03-22
DNF'd at page 192

I'm sorry Meyer. This is the second book of yours that I have DNF'd because, frankly, I was just bored and not thrilled to keep picking the book up again.

Don't get me wrong. I think the characters in this book were really well done. They were a great expansion of Carroll's original tale and I chuckled at the off-sided comments about some human girl who had fallen into a rabbit hole...

But the plot was just dull. The Romeo-and-Juliet trope is old and dusty. And everything just seemed to take FOREVER to get to a point.

So without further ado, I am officially done with Marissa Meyer and her books. They just don't work for me.

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Reviewed: 2017-12-07
Initial Impressions 6/5/16: 4 stars
I really appreciated that Marissa Meyer's latest novel was a totally different tone than The Lunar Chronicles! It was great to see something so different while still following in the same vein of a fairy tale adaptation/retelling.
Most of my opinions here are personal preference -- Alice in Wonderland has never been a favorite of mine and Heartless really follows the story quite closely, obviously, since it's really a prequel to the classic tale. I was hoping for more of an adaptation like The Lunar Chronicles were, just in the sense that there was more originality and not SO many pieces taken from Alice. It was still rather enjoyable but it's a bit too much whimsy for me.
Reviewed: 2017-05-23

I was really excited to read this book (and the cover under the jacket is gorgeous) so when I saw one of the bookclubs on instagram (socialbookclub) was reading it, I decided to participate! This is also my first Marissa Meyer book I’ve read and I have to admit that I thoroughly love her writing!! I’ll have to pick up more books by her very soon!


Giving the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland was absolutely genius! This is the first time I’ve read any of Marissa Meyer’s books and I plan on reading more of it soon!


I absolutely loved that Catherine bakes, and that she loves her lemon tarts, I really hope someone makes a recipe inspired by hers (unless there’s already one out… In which case, please link me!)


I found her mother to be a real piece of work, though I do understand that she’s trying to marry her off, it’s not right to fit your daughter into a dress she stated didn’t fit her. Then to deny her dinner because you needed her corset tighter? Mother of the year right there. She wants what she believes is best for Cath and not what her daughter wishes.


I absolutely adored the chapter that the Joker was introduced in. The raven that kept him company was also rather amusing, mainly because I love Edgar Allan Poe’s works and he was an ode to The Raven.


I also have to admit that about halfway through the book, this gave me major anxiety. I found myself constantly tapping on something while I was reading it because of how much I love Cath and Jest together! But I already knew, if Marissa goes canon, that this will only end in heartbreak so I was rather anxious about getting to the ending, because I felt like my heart was going to completely break… Why do I have to torture myself with angst?!


The sudden change in Catherine towards the end of the book caught me by surprise. I know how the Queen of Hearts is in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland but I had not expected that attitude so quickly. But, I suppose betrayal could change a person quite a lot.


Just when things started looking up…. I. Got. My. Heart. Ripped. Out. By. Yet. Another. Book.

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