Abuse and Neglect

Barbara Lowenthal
Child maltreatment can occur in all socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds--creating barriers for learning. Through the use of this comprehensive book, you'll learn your specific role and responsibilities in the identification, prevention, and intervention of child maltreatment as mandated by law. With a practical, engaging approach to this sensitive issue, the author guides you as you learn about the four major categories of maltreatment--physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and neglect--and gives you- practical guidelines for identification, reporting, and follow-up- strategies for working effectively with students and their families- a checklist to assist you in identifying abuse in different age groups- lists of books, journals, videos, audiotapes, and organizations Whether you're a teacher or a counselor, you'll find useful guidelines regarding what to look for, when to be sure of abuse, and what to expect after you report abuse.


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