2002 Official Patient's Sourcebook on Sickle Cell Anemia, The

Icon Group International, Inc. Staff (Compiled by)
This book has been created for patients who have decided to make education and research an integral part of the treatment process. Although it also gives information useful to doctors, caregivers and other health professionals, it tells patients where and how to look for information covering virtually all topics related to sickle cell anemia (also Hb S disease; Hemoglobin S disease; Hemoglobin SS disease; sickle cell disease; sickle cell trait), from the essentials to the most advanced areas of research. The title of this book includes the word official. This reflects the fact that the sourcebook draws from public, academic, government, and peer-reviewed research. Selected readings from various agencies are reproduced to give you some of the latest official information available to date on sickle cell anemia. Given patients' increasing sophistication in using the Internet, abundant references to reliable Internet-based resources are provided throughout this sourcebook. Where possible, guidanceis provided on how to obtain free-of-charge, primary research results as well as more detailed information via the Internet. E-book and electron


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