Last Graduate, The

Naomi Novik


Reviewed: 2021-11-29

El, Aadhya, Liu, Orion, and their classmates have made it to their final year at the Scholomance. But now graduation is drawing closer and the deadly ceremony leaves few students alive every year. El is determined to get her friends out alive. As they strategize to get out, El discovers more and more about the school and the amount of souls who need help escaping grows.


Something about finding a way to survive with all your friends and beat all the odds is some dark, wholesome content I was in need of right now. Still in love with El and her snarkiness but also enjoyed seeing her walls get a little squishy too…


…It took me a few moments longer than Aadhya - three years of near-total social ostracization leaves you badly equipped for this sort of thing - but they both kept a space open until I lurched in to join the hug, our arms around each other, and it was the miracle all over again, the miracle I still couldn’t quite believe in: I wasn’t alone anymore. They were saving me, and I was going to save them. It felt more like magic than magic. As though it could make everything all right. As if the whole world had become a different place.


The friendship between El, Aadhya, and Liu made me smile so much throughout the book. The girls were there to call El out on her B.S. and sometimes she really needed it. I’m excited to see how their relationship is outside of the school.


Speaking of relationships: El and Orion! El had Aadhya and Liu to help keep her grounded and on track, Orion had El… which was good because the New York enclave kids still did not really watch out for him. Poor Orion though - he really goes through some stuff that you don’t even realize until near the end and then a lot of stuff about him makes sense.


There was still a lot of info dumping, but again, I found myself not caring that it was an info dump, and instead was soaking up everything about this crazy and intense world that Novik had built.


I really need the third book, like now. I sometimes curse myself when I find a series that isn’t fully out yet. But then it gives me something to look forward to (hopefully soon). I was able to pretty much read the first two books back to back and for that I am thankful! Upon reading about this book, it sounds like Naomi Novik wrote this one to bridge the first and third book so it makes me even more excited for it. And, we’re bound to find out more about the world outside the Scholomance… I have a feeling it’s not going to be like El left it!

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