While The Light Lasts

Agatha Christie
Jurassic park meets lost in this electrifying new adventure thriller.when the cast and crew of reality tv show 'sealife' land on picturesque, unexplored henders island it's a ratings bonanza. But they're blissfully unaware that the decisions they make there will shape the fate of mankind ... if they can only survive. For they quickly discover that the island is seething with danger. Having evolved in total isolation from the rest of the planet for millennia, henders is home to host of vicious and exotic predators, terrifying creatures who live in a lightning fast blur of kill or be killed.a team of crack scientists is sent in to assess the situation and they are astounded by what they find. It soon becomes clear that if even the smallest bug ever made it off henders island, life on earth as we know it would change very quickly indeed. The president is faced with the toughest decision of his career: take the risk of letting one of these creatures escape so that further research can be done, or nuke the island to protect the rest of planet earth? just when it seems the stakes couldn't get any higher, the scientists make a surprise discovery that changes everything...


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