Wise Dogs (Inspiration for Living a Happy and Rewarding Life Gift Book)

H. Jackson Brown Jr., Dale C. Spartas
If your dog is more than just a pet, this book is a must-read! Wise Dogs speaks to the hoards of dog enthusiasts by deciphering dog language in a humorous fashion, teaching us a thing or two about happiness.


Reviewed: 2021-10-12

Was in the grocery store book section when I came across this cute little dog book. Yes, I did read through it while in the store. Why not? Ha! I thought that the pictures were adorable and the sayings were inspiring. The reason that it only received three stars and not a high rating? Well, that's because there was only a few select breeds used in this book and there were repeat poses. Would've loved to have seen a Rottweiler present in this book. And of course the big one...this book was made in China. That's disappointing! Overall this was a cute little coffee table book and I would recommend it.

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