All That Glows (All That Glows, Book 1)

Ryan Graudin
For fans of Maggie Stiefvater and Lesley Livingston comes a clever twist on the mortal/immortal love story by hot debut author Ryan Graudin. Intense and electric, this is the ultimate tale of forbidden love.Emrys, a spirited and charismatic Faery Guard of the British monarchy, is sent to London to guard Richard, the bad-boy prince of England, from assassins and paparazzi. Despite her status as a guard of the royals, Emrys struggles with her feelings as she tries to not fall in love with the charming prince. But when an ancient Fae murders the king, Richard’s father, and starts attacking the other royals, Emrys must risk everything to hunt through London’s magical dark side in order to protect her charge—and the boy she loves.


Reviewed: 2020-07-01

First and foremost, I love books about faeries. They are the bestest thing ever. And second, an apology to Ryan Graudin. Why? Because when I first heard about the book, and right up until I'd finished chapter one, I thought she was also Lesley Livingston, author of A Wondrous Strange and that All That Glows was a spin-off novel. To be fair, the covers are VERY similar! ANYWAYS, once I straightened that out, I dug in. In fact, I read the entire book this afternoon. Considering it took me a week each to read the last two books I've read (major reading slump), that is a big accomplishment along with a REALLY GOOD THING! This book drew me in and wouldn't let me go. Trust me, I haven't done anything BUT read this book since I started it!

The main character is Emrys and she is awesome! I love books where the main character knows about the supernatural stuff before page one (ex. Throne of Glass, Vampire Academy, Half-Blood, and Anna Dressed in Blood). It eliminates the many chapters, and sometimes entire novel, where the main character is stuck denying, and eventually accepting, his or her magical abilities. Emrys knows she's a faery, it would be bad if she didn't, considering that she's hundreds of years old. Also, it's really awesome that she's the old one here, instead of the guy. The guy is generally the one who comes into the girls' life starts the chain reaction. Instead, Emrys tells the guy about magic, and while he's going through the stages of acceptance, Emrys can go out and be kick-butt. Emrys is confident in herself. I loved reading from her point of view.

While the romance in the book didn't take forever, it wasn't insta-love either, which I really liked. There was that instant spark/attraction/thing that's totally okay. The characters didn't get it, and weren't professing feelings for each other until about halfway through the book. They fell in love slowly, which was really nice. The plot was amazingly fast, and while I suspected part of the end, others still came as a big surprise! Also, I'm pretty sure this book is a standalone. And as much as I want more of this world, I loved the ending and don't know if I can stand to see the characters go through more trouble. A novella that takes place two years in the future would be totally different and totally okay, of course! (hint hint, wink wink) The ending of the book deviated from the typical ending, and was super cool to see. Trust me, you will love this book. Great for fans of Julie Kagawas' The Iron Fey and Lesley Livingstons' A Wondrous Strange, I give this book five stars!

Reviewed: 2016-02-14
Oh boy did I enjoy this! It took me a while to get through, what with being distracted by all the other things life has been pulling from me, but it was definitely worth it. The characters were vibrant and passionate and their connection was almost tangible. I loved the twists and turns and feelings of unsurity and doubt right along with Emrys. Part of me wishes she had made the other choice. But, at the same time, a part of me is glad she made the one she did. What a beautiful, vibrant, vivid book, crafted so well that I am stunned by all that happened that I didn't expect. Brava.
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