Don Freedom
Don Freeman's classic character, Corduroy, is even more popular today then he was when he first came on the scene in 1968. This story of a small teddy bear waiting on a department store shelf for a child’s friendship has appealed to young readers generation after generation.


Reviewed: 2020-10-06

What a nice story about a teddy bear trying to get "adopted" from a department store. But when a little girl admires him in the store and her parent discourages the "adoption" due to the bear's missing button; Corduroy searches the store for it. While I don't fully agree with the message that a child can't have a toy based on a minor imperfection (especially if it is something so easily fixable), I still found this to be enjoyable and the illustrations were adorable. I would recommend this book for kids of all ages.

Reviewed: 2018-02-24
Story of a cute bear left on a toy shelf and finally rescued by a little girl. Enjoyed this one and the pictures-and time-are really fun.
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