"Ah Ha's" of Effective Relationships, The

Gerald Prince
Alex Boden did everything Rivonia Technology asked him to do. He streamlined his staff; he increased sales. He was a company man. His clients remained loyal and appreciated Alex's honesty and devotion. But there was a buyout, and Alex's job may be in jeopardy. The "Ah Ha's" of Effective Relationships follows Alex through a journey of self-discovery. He wants a challenging job, one he can fully enjoy, but first he must learn how best to manage his relationships. His sources-a Board of Directors-are an unlikely and widely diverse group: a veterinarian, a CEO, a lawyer, an antiques dealer, and a principal. What Alex learns makes him a better sales manager, a better father, and a better husband. He comes to understand that, in the words of Gerald Prince, "versatility is not an act; it's a habit practiced everyday."Explore these questions and find the answers with Alex: If people disagree with me what keeps them from speaking up? Doesn't everyone think the same way I do? Why are some people so confrontational? What do others think about the way I interact with them?


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