Daughter of Hounds

Caitlin R. Kiernan
They are the Children of the Cuckoo. Stolen from their cribs and concealed in shadows to be raised by ghouls, they are now changelings in service to the creatures who rule the world Below and despise the world Above. Any human contact is strictly forbidden and punishment is swift and severe for those who disobey. Raised by her widower father, Emmie Silvey has a precocious personality and striking yellow eyes that have left her a solitary child. But that changes when two women enter her life-one who stalks her, one who haunts her dreams- both insisting that her entire life is a lie and warning her of an encroaching darkness.


Reviewed: 2016-06-24
FINALLY, it's over.

I've read some crap books this year, and I don't think this was the worst of them, but it sure the hell takes the 2015 Draggingest Ass Book Award. This shit just would not fucking end. Every time I thought, "Here we go, now we're getting somewhere..." it would just take a hard left back into "This is a dream. I'm dreaming. I'm going to wake up now and this will all have been a dream. You're a dream. I'm a dream. Everything's a dream."

Say "dream" again. Say it a-motherfucking-gain.

I started getting impatient pretty early on, and then outright annoyed, and then I stepped into the GET TO THE DAMN POINT zone and just stayed there until the end, which I had hoped would redeem the tedium of the rest of the book, but didn't.

I still have no fucking idea why I read nearly 450 pages of endless description written in prose that tries way too hard, shitty characters that I hoped continually would just die already so that I wouldn't have to listen to them being shitty anymore, and near constant references and claims of dreams.

I read this whole book thinking that Sparrow had... I dunno, some sort of purpose in the book, but if she did, I still don't know what the hell it was. I thought that maybe there'd be a revelation that another character was her, just using a different name, and that maybe she'd be important to the story, but it doesn't seem that way. But hey, it's not like Sparrow's the only pointless character in the book. That's EVERY character. Even the main characters had no goddamn purpose to being in this shit.

All of the characters sounded like the exact same shitty 14 year old who just discovered curse words having a Veruca Salt level meltdown. Only with guns. And I fucking hated every single one of them.

If there was an actual story in there, I blinked and missed it. Ditto if there was a point. This was 400+ pages of a whole lot of fucking nothing except shitty characters saying shitty things while being even shittier and refusing to accept what's right in front of their face. That kind of thing makes me... irrationally angry. I HATE books that can only exist because of stupidity, ignorance, and misunderstandings that people refuse to address. Also, when people just REFUSE to answer direct questions because "there isn't time" to answer but then will go on for fucking EVER about unimportant drivel just so that the plot has to be dragged out another 100 million pages.

Hate hate hate.

Stupidity in books make me stabby.

Again, not the worst book I've read this year, but definitely one of the more aggravating ones.

Ugh. I'm going to bed. The end.
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