Ancient Trilogy

Hieu Nguyen
Prologue: We are all living at a time in which time itself determines our daily lives and our futures. Every day I witness my own parents and other parents struggling with time from dawn to dusk: time to wake up and get ready for work or school, time to finish breakfast to get to school or work on time, time to pick us up from school, time for sports practice, time for dinner so that we can have more time to do homework, time to read so that we can get ready for bed early. Game time, homework time, clean-up time, bath time, TV time, iPad time, phone time, and Skype time. There is absolutely no time for imagination.In this book I will take you on a journey to three different ancient places. These places will stretch your imagination through space to capture the essence of time so that you can enjoy a few peaceful and meaningful moments for yourself and with your loved ones.In the first journey, "Mesopotamia: The Lost Link," I will take you back in time with my time machine to find the missing link of human civilization. The number-one reason why we humans are constantly at war is because we do not agree on our common origins. As we migrate throughout the many regions of Mother Earth, we appear to have our own ways of writing history. As a result, the conflicts among us are inevitable. Let's find that "lost link" together so that we can enjoy some peace on earth together during our lifetimes.At the end of our lives, we all leave earth for another dimension. Whether or not we will be at peace in that other dimension depends on how we take care of ourselves and others in the present. Our work ethics, our morals, and our deeds will determine our courses into the future. In the second journey, "Ancient Egypt: The Phantom Pharaoh," I will ride with you on a journey to find peace in the afterlife. Let's explore the possibilities of the afterlife together so that we can find better ways to take care of one another in the present.Because our present is influenced by our past, and our future is determined by our present, time must be flexible in order for us to explore such transparency without confusion. In the third journey, "Ancient India: The Wheel of Time," I will take you to the tallest mountains on earth, the Himalayas, to witness what it feels like to be at the top of the world. Then, both you and I will fall together to the bottom of the Himalayas, only to discover that both our emotional and physical pain are reversible. The Wheel of Time will heal us all if we allow our imagination to be present in different places and at different times. Let's go together where our hearts and our imaginations take us!


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