Cañon Journal: Dreams and Schemes (Vol. 2, No. 1)

Greer Chesher, Roger Clark, Kathleen L. Howeard and Diana F. Pardue, L. Greer Price, James Burns, Stewart Aitchison
Spring/Summer 1996 - "Treasure of the Granite Gorge," by Greer Chesher - "Dreams and Schemes on the Colorado Plateau," by Roger Clark - "Mary Jane Colter: Designing the Dream of the West," by Kathleen L. Howard and Diana F. Pardue - "If You Can't Help Me, Please Tell Me Why: Letters to the Grand Canyon," by L. Greer Price - "Cowboy With a Camera," by James Burns - "All in the Natural Scheme: a Parable in One Act," by Stewart Aitchison


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