Affair of The Mind, An

Laurie Hall
It began with a casual glance at a girlie magazine, but turned into something far more insidious. "Innocent" fascination with softcore pornography eventually led to skin flicks, frequent visits to strip clubs, and encounters with prostitutes. Jack Hall's secret obsession was just that - a secret. And right before her eyes, Laurie watched her husband dissolve into a shadow of the man she loved. None of it made sense. Compelling and poignant, An Affair of the Mind tells the story of one woman's struggle to protect herself and her children from the devastating effects of pornography. With both candor and sensitivity, Laurie Hall relives the nightmare that nearly destroyed her family, warning others of porn's seductive, addictive nature. She opens her heart and bares her soul, imparting keen insights and comfort. And she shares the hard lessons God taught her - among them, the virtues of patience, trust,k and perseverance. The Halls' story is not an isolated case. Nor has the final chapter been written. But it is an amazing testimony to the growth and restoration that come when God opens unseeing eyes to the truth.


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