Stone Fox

John Reynolds Gardiner
A Race Against TimeLittle Willy's grandfather is sick, and it's up to Willy to save their farm from tax collectors. Their only hope is the prize money from the National Dogsled Race. But a lot of other people want to win the race, too, including Stone Fox, who has never lost a race in his life. Do Willy and his dog Searchlight stand a chance against the toughest racers around? Can they win the race to save the farm -- and Grandfather -- before it's too late?


Reviewed: 2016-11-22

Stonefox is an interesting book, however I don't think I would suggest it because of how it ends. The book starts off with Little Willy, one of the main characters being conerned about his grandfather because he thinks he is sick. However, Little Willy finds out his grandpa is not sick but actually owes 500 dollars. If he does not pay the 500 dollars then they will lose the farm. Grandpa is not sick, grandpa is sad. In order to help grandpa, Little Willy decides to sign up for a race with the dog, Searchlight. Little Willy really thinks that he can win the race for his grandpa. During the race, Searchlight and Little Willy go from last place to second place and it comes down between Searchlight and another dog, Stone Fox. However, at the end something happens to Searchlight, something horrible. 

Reviewed: 2016-11-08

CII 14    550L     GLE 3.2


L3.  1.16  PB  G  name inside cover, PRE-TAPED, tear at base of spine, Scholastic ed.   L1    80/99/47

L6.  .10 (0)  PB  F   name on front cover, inside and back, classroom copy, small glue glob on front, Harper ed,  L2  80/98/1  7.5x5

Reviewed: 2016-10-12

          Stone Fox, written by John Reynolds Gardiner, is a story of a young boy Willy, his grandfather, and their dog Searchlight. Willy and his grandfather live on a potato farm in Wyoming. Even though it is a lot of work it is also very fun and the two get to spend time together on the farm. Willy’s grandfather becomes depressed and rarely ever gets out of bed, which means it is Willy’s job to harvest the crop and he has to do it all by himself with only the help from his dog Searchlight. Willy eventually finds out that they are broke and that is the reason behind his grandfathers depression. In an attempt to earn money and hopefully get his grandfather back on track, Willy and his dog enter in a National Dogsled Race and go up against the best dogsled racers in the country. Unfortunately a turn of events happens during the race (don’t want to give it away), which hinders Willy and Searchlight from finishing the competition.

            This book is apart of the 3rd grade reading unit at the school I am interning. I wanted to read this book not only so I could follow along when I spend time in the classrooms but also because it sounded like an interesting story to read. I would use this book in my future classroom to discuss characters. This book is great for a character study and to look at many different character traits and how they are presented throughout the story line. This book is also great to use to teach students how to make predictions while they are reading. Students can learn how to make predictions by using clues in the story and can also learn how sometimes there are turns of events in stories that the reader often does not even see coming. I really enjoyed this book and know that it is a favorite among the kids as well.

Reviewed: 2016-09-28

Finally! A children's book that doesn't have a predictable ending!  This book has 2 main characters, including a dog named Searchlight, which makes this book great for character development and appealing to young readers.  Students can develop ideas about characters throughout this book.  It is also great to show students about how their ideas about characters can grow and change, especially as you follow Stone Fox. It was a great read aloud for third graders.


This book is great to have in a text set with other books about the Iditarod and dog sled racing. You can find online articles and websites through scholastic. The articles show maps of the Iditarod, photographs and biographies of real life mushers.The students really enjoyed doing additional research on this site. It was a perfect way to create a text set with non-fiction and fiction resources. The story of Balto is another text that you could add to this text set.



Reviewed: 2016-09-26

All kids, male and female, will fall in love with the story of little Willy, and his best friend, Search Light.  Kids will be inspired by the determination the 10-year old, and will learn of some serious, important social issues, such as poverty and mental illness.  

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