Annie Ashcraft Looks Into the Dark (Bethany Backyard)

Ruth Senter
"I can lie down and go to sleep. And I will wake up again because the Lord protects me."Annie Ashcraft is small, and the night around her is big. Very big. And sometimes scary. Tonight there are noises like the kind coming at her now from the other side of the thin, knotty-pine walls of her bedroom. Scrape. Scritch. Scrape.Not even Annie's cozy blue-and-white quilt can keep out the sound, which is making her too frightened to fall asleep. Just what could be making that awful scraping? Annie's not sure she wants to find out, but when her daddy comes to help her investigate the mysterious nighttime noise, Annie learns how to overcome her fears by facing them.Ruth Senter's homespun voice and Lee Christiansen's luminous illustrations bring Annie's story to life in a way that is sure to captivate any reader who has ever been afraid of the dark, touching us with a gentle reminder of God's constant presence.


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