Last Time I Saw Mother, The

Arlene J. Chai
"AN OFTEN LYRICAL AND ALWAYS TOUGH-MINDED DEBUT . . . Provides rare insight into the three cultures--Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino--that coexist in the Philippines."--The New York Times Book ReviewCaridad's mother never writes. So when a letter arrives for her in Sydney from Manila, Caridad doesn't even recognize her mother's handwriting. There is more distance than just miles between the two women. And that is why Caridad is called home. Her mother needs to talk. And to reveal a secret that has been weighing heavily on her for years.As Caridad hears at last the unspoken stories, and the never forgotten tragedy of the war years, she will learn a startling truth that will change her life forever. For Caridad is not who she thinks she is. . . ."Beautifully written . . . Reading each chapter is like having a conversation with a close friend."--Chicago Tribune"A sensitive . . . portrait of a family of Filipina women . . . The novel illuminates much modern Philippine history."--The Boston Globe


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