101 Things to Do with Gelatin

Jennifer Adams, Melissa Barlow
From decade-old classics to modern concoctions, gelatin is an all-American treat that has found its way into practically every home across the country. Easy to make and fun to eat, the treats in 101 Things to Do With Gelatin will add zest to any meal or occasion! Try the delicious Pomegranate Salad, Key Lime Cream Cheese Pie, Cherry Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Pizza, and Sweet-and-Sour Berry Slush! From Fruit Salads to Cakes, Pies, Spoon Desserts, Drinks, and more, 101 Things To Do With Gelatin is G-R-E-A-T great! Jennifer Adams is the author of 5 books: Lion House Weddings, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Packing Up a Picnic (co-authored with Rick Walton), and The Night Before Christmas in Idaho, and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Melissa Barlow is the author of Easy Cut-Up Cakes for Kids and the co-author of 101 Things To Do With a Salad. She and her husband, Todd, currently live in Bountiful, Utah.


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